Automated Giving

Ever have problems mailing your monthly support? At times, we run out of envelopes and stamps. Sometimes we are on vacation or just so busy we forget to mail the check. 

Well, there's hope. Biblical Ministries Worldwide offers monthly supporters the convenience of "automated giving." 

Save time and money

This service is optional, but it offers some useful benefits:

Time Saved:

It eliminates check writing. It eliminates mail preparation. It makes your giving automatic.

Money Saved:

It eliminates envelopes. It eliminates postage costs. It lowers BMW's internal costs.

At any time, with notification to Biblical Ministries Worldwide, you may cancel this service or change any of the following:

Stay in control
The missionary or project that you support 
The amount of your donation 
Mailing address 
Bank accounts 

How do you begin?

There are three steps you need to do to participate in the program:

1. Complete the Automated Giving Authorization Form (PDF file which will need to be printed).

2. Send either your support check or a voided check. This will provide BMW with the necessary banking information to begin the automatic monthly deductions from your account.

3. Mail the completed form and your check to the following address:

Biblical Ministries Worldwide
1595 Herrington Road
Lawrenceville, GA 30043-5616

Your contribution will be transferred from your bank account to BMW's automatically!  If there is any problem, contact the BMW Finance Department at (770) 339-3500 or by email at:

Thank you for your interest in missions and for your sacrifice for the cause of Christ.


                                     You are a vital part of the team!

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